Japanese Input on the web


I’ve found this through a mixi.jp community:
Ajax IME: Web-based Japanese Input Method

I’m simply surprised by its quality, especially considering its underlying libraries etc.

The idea was around for ages. Even myself written something like this before leaving to Canada back in 2002 (I was 17):
Romaji-Kana Converter on the Web

Well, about this my program, me and my friend (Sakuma, the guy running BitCoffee Inc.) have talked about the possibility of going further enabling it to handle Kanji just like the one above. We concluded it would be either Java or Flash client’s job to interact with the server. That was a few years ago.

Now, look at this wondrous IME implementation: it’s Javascript, the AJAX! I can’t believe how quickly things change. And anyway, I hope the above program will be stay online as long as possible and become popular without disappointing neither the author and the users.

The author of the above AjaxIME mentioned Sumibi’s web interface. This one works alright too. So cool! The technology behind those seem open-sourced NLP engines: probably ones from MeCab, Chasen, Juman etc. This is actually one of the subject areas I’m interested in.


No hurry?


I take this as no need of waking up early tomorrow….
Well, I’ll be late for the semester though.

See you on, er, probably Monday.



Something looks different yeah?

(cf. http://homepage.mac.com/ippei_ukai/Photos/PhotoAlbum73.html)

“Ippei’s Panorama” renewed


Ippei’s Panorama” is renewed with tens of new photos. I’m getting more practical panoramas than experimental ones. It’s getting a nice collection. This time, I have reproduced the entire page from the original image files, so even the existing ones got better quality.
Ippei’s Panorama」を更新しました。数十枚の新しい写真が追加されています。最近のパノラマは実験的なものよりも実用的なものが多いですね。今回はページ全体を元の画像ファイルから作り直したので、今まであった写真も画質が上がっています。

– “Ippei’s Panorama

Half gone….


It’s already half gone, isn’t it? Just can’t believe how quick it’s passed.

Anyways, as usual here is the summary of this academic year:

All passed. That’s the most important thing in the second year. I did surprisingly well in Linguistics. Apparently got 85% for Transcription Project (wow!). I was exempted from its final exam by the way, so it’s not that I can do written exams in Linguistics.