Earlier this month, I had a friend from Edinburgh visiting Japan so took him to a tour around in Tokyo. Starting with Harajuku tour by Kat, quick walk in Akihabara, night view of Tokyo Bay from Yurikamome Line, and then Izakaya experience. Here are some pictures.





My father on BBC


Evidently my father appeared on a regional BBC News, in footage taken while he was visiting his fellow researcher in Birmingham. He has just forwarded me the URL on BBC website. Let’s take a look…

Revolutionary ‘bionic’ lens


Yes, that’s him… acting a patient and getting his eyes checked presumably by his colleague. He even gets quite a few close ups… or rather say his eyes are close up. Anyway, an interesting story to watch.

2 offers are better than none


Indeed, the frustration of having no offer that I like was worse. Still, having 2 very good offers and having to choose so soon is something else.

I have a meeting on Wednesday next week to discuss the details of one of the offers. Yes, it is unusual to have any discussion at all for new graduate position, but to my amazement they want to hire me not as a new graduate. Well, that’s at least they told me yesterday.

The other offer has already arrived in writing (if you count PDF as writing) today, so I had to ask them to wait till Wednesday for my reply despite the fact I had told them that I would most definitely accept it having never imagined a Japanese new graduate position turns into something else. There would have been no point not to accept a very good position starting immediately as 6 months trial contract that I could quit before April if I’d ever got a better new graduate job.

Well, I’ll have to see how it goes on Wednesday.

Tokyo again, and yet again


Yes, I’m coming to Tokyo tomorrow for the 4th time since end of July. And that’s not the only thing. I’m getting another interview next week on one of 9th-11th of my choice. That’s gonna be the 5th time, though I might decide to stay in Tokyo over the weekend anyway.

Unfortunately only those big companies pay me the travel expense. Shinkansen’s started to cost me a lot.

Anyway, since I’m ‘almost living’ in Tokyo these days, whoever happens to be in Tokyo, let’s meet up! Just buzz me up at uh… the contact details on Facebook.

Google Street View


As soon as I heard the news, I’ve tried out the Street View. Unfortunately it doesn’t have Nagoya, where my home is now, covered. But most areas around Tokyo are covered.

It’s quite interesting to see what they did with the ‘face recognition’ technology. Anything recognised as ‘human face’ gets blurring effect. That’s anything from car wheel to, presumably, posters on the street…

Anyway, here are a couple of screenshots.

edaminami My elementary school.

hatanodai My grandfather’s place.

New Papers


So, here are the two papers I’ve written this year:

One is my Advanced Topics in Syntax paper. I enjoyed the course very much. The essay is set to be ‘expository’. I certainly started writing that way, but one day I woke up with an idea and changed it to include the idea of expressing CCG in 3d-tree plus logic.

The other is my Honours Project report, the dissertation. I expected a C, but turned out 75% which seems to be quite high up in the class. It’s a weird feeling definitely, but I recall my supervisor saying my project is “concrete”. Probably I did alright with the project itself after all. Still, I didn’t like the writing report on time business very much, and that’s why I don’t really want to do my postgraduate now (“maybe later…”).


Ippei’s Academia – Computational Linguistics

Informatics Class of 2008


Yap. We’re graduated!

200806260008.jpg (←many thanks to Paul and his brother for the photo)