2 offers are better than none

Indeed, the frustration of having no offer that I like was worse. Still, having 2 very good offers and having to choose so soon is something else.

I have a meeting on Wednesday next week to discuss the details of one of the offers. Yes, it is unusual to have any discussion at all for new graduate position, but to my amazement they want to hire me not as a new graduate. Well, that’s at least they told me yesterday.

The other offer has already arrived in writing (if you count PDF as writing) today, so I had to ask them to wait till Wednesday for my reply despite the fact I had told them that I would most definitely accept it having never imagined a Japanese new graduate position turns into something else. There would have been no point not to accept a very good position starting immediately as 6 months trial contract that I could quit before April if I’d ever got a better new graduate job.

Well, I’ll have to see how it goes on Wednesday.


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