Final marks

I already knew that I’ve got an upper second degree, but finally the individual marks have been put up around yesterday. As usual, it’s time for the marks to be reviewed.

Unlike last year, there were no unexpected disappointments. Contrarily, the project which I expected a C got 75! Also my old (unintentional) habit of scoring “A or C” seemed to come back. Overall score as well turned out much better than I thought: the average for this year was 69.5%. That brings overall honours average to 65%, a solid 2:1 not marginal 2:1.

One of the excitement I had this year is attending classes run by widely respected academics: Linguistic and Computational Theories of Grammar by Prof. Steedman (known for CCG) and Advanced Topics in Syntax by Prof. Pullum (coauthor of GPSG, and Cambridge’s CGEL). Also Dr. Koehn who is one of top researchers of Statistical Machine Translation, supervised my project and also taught Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing course. I enjoyed studying under their guidance very much, and it is evident in the marks how inspirational that was (yes, in all those A’s!).

Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone, especially those people above, for all the support. And, yes, Edinburgh is no doubt the best place to study Computational Linguistics in the world!

4th year result


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