Time for marks

As usual, it’s time for reviewing the results:200706151052.jpg

It looks really bad, but the average still falls into B with 60.3%. Probably it feels bad because of the 49%, 59%, and 69% which are just 1 percent each to a better alphabet. Nevertheless, it’s not very good either. I probably should admit I’m rather feeling better because of the average B despite it’s actually almost C.

Anyways, the only unexpected result would be Speech Synthesis, which had 100% course mark with just one assignment that I worked reasonably hard. I deserve other marks, with probably 1% each.

An interesting statistics would be that 1st semester subjects got avg. 64.3%, and 2nd semester 54.8%. It’s not so relevant because there can be many factors, but this difference’s something I have expected.

You can compare how bad I did this year with 1st year and 2nd year results.


One Response to Time for marks

  1. […] last year, there were no unexpected disappointments. Contrarily, the project which I expected a C got 75! […]

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