Categorising the header files

Finally I’ve sorted the Subversion trouble I was having. I just don’t know why, but it got the old proxy setting in subversion’s config and that was stopping svn from working at home. It’s just stupid ’cause I’ve never applied proxy to https for 2 years now. The system setting says apply university proxy to http only when connected with VPN, but that’s it. It’s optional proxy and I don’t apply it for https, but svn must’ve picked it up somehow.

Before start coding, I thought I want to get new directory structure roughly sorted, so that I know where to put what I write. That would help me navigate the headers too. So here they are:

Hugin1/* : Current code base. I’m moving many of implementations to HuginBase keeping the compatibility and legacy APIs (becomes a wrapper in the end).

Foreign/* : copy of codes maintained elsewhere. Vigra, LEVMAR, etc.


  • algorithms/ : anything that processes the data
  • appbase/ : general application framework like Command and Document
  • common/ : utilities, platforms etc.
  • huginapp/ : any hugin implementations that are not GUI dependent, like ImageCache and PanoCommands etc.
  • jhead/ : extended jhead files for EXIF access
  • lensdb/ : PTLensDB interface
  • math/ : mathematical functions and classes
  • panodata/ : panorama data representation
  • panotools/ : PanoTools wrappers (ones currently in PTools namespace)
  • vigra_ext/ : image processing extended from Vigra

That leave a few files I haven’t found a place to put:

Anyway, I think I’m going to just start coding now. My way of working on a big project like this is to start with an unorganised way and narrow down the development after going over the rough draft for all components. Probably not recommended in terms of project management, but I found this approach easier when working on a project alone. When I write codes, I’d rather want to forget about debugging and just code. I’d say I’ll finish all the fiddling around with the code by the end of next week, and start debugging after that.

Having had friends coming over on Thursday and didn’t make much progress yesterday, I’d probably better work hard today to catch up. Oops that reminds me of Linguistics course choice and honours project readings planned to do this weekend. I hate having multiple tasks at the same time. I often end up not finishing any…


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