The tasks

Last night, I had a long meeting with my mentors over Skype. The first one month of my work is decided to be on the foundation of the application for which I have made the presentation last week. After that will be some 2 weeks to build some sample app that uses this foundation for demo/mockup purpose, and that will be the mid-term evaluation criteria.

Some points were corrected and thus the work got a bit easier. Roughly my work in June will be on:

– Document architecture (3 days)
– Panorama class interfaces (1 day)
– Class interface clean-ups (1 day)
– Command Architecture clean-up and migration (1 day)
– Algorithms clean-up, migration, and capsulation (5 days)
– ImageCache framework migration (1 day)

That’s 12 working days, and + testing and documenting + administration and spare + weekends = 1 month.

Anyway, I started with setting up Subversion on my Mac. Simply it did not work, but somehow works through the university network via VPN (I don’t want to reconnect everytime I need it…). I’m contacting my ISP (Virgin Media). I’m suspecting they’ve put invisible proxy server or something that prevents non-trivial use of https protocol.

Meanwhile I’ve started working on reorganising the directory structure. I’ll work on my project by creating the new interface and copying implementations in the new directory and modifying the relevant old files accordingly to make them merely a wrapper of those new Foundation. I think I’m ready to start coding tomorrow (except that I don’t know how to build stuff; never mind, I have to start with designing anyway, and I can compile simple codes for testing without any build system).

In the evening, I went to the Japanese class with Shoko as she’s going home tomorrow after her exchange program, and I’m taking over the next class (but just a week though, as we are substitute teachers after all).


3 Responses to The tasks

  1. it sounds you are having nice days
    lucky you

  2. ippei says:

    Oh yeah, nice EXCEPT THE WEATHER!
    It sounds like you are having not so good time?

  3. well, its not so bad but monotony.
    and im seeking for something interesting all the time.

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