Slow start this week

Well, I worked hard last weekend, so I should deserve a bit of rest. I lazied half day, and went grocery shopping, then took a look at wxMac 2.8.4 just released few weeks ago in the evening.

My mentors have planned a meeting tomorrow evening to discuss the development steps based on the presentation I’ve uploaded on Saturday. That means I’ll get busy. Very, busy.

At the same time, I have contacted my supervisor for next year’s Honours Project (dissertation equivalent), and got some readings based on which I can start thinking about my project in more details (yes, I have submitted a rather vague project proposal trying not to limit the possibilities). I don’t know why it’s available public, but it eventually is, so you can take a look: An Implementation of Grammar-aware Machine Translation Model (or whole list of our projects).

That reminds me that I have to choose next year’s Linguistics modules in two weeks. I have already satisfied the requirements, so any 2 courses would do. Probably ones from Corpus Linguistics, Simulating Language, and Optimality Theory. I wish they are 10 point courses; I want to take more linguistics courses than Informatics ones. Why do Informatics courses sound so boring?

Anyway, back to hugin: I have already been testing wxWidgets 2.8 with hugin 0.6.1 code since 2.8rc1. They have completely switched the wxMac’s graphic engine from now-deprecated QuickDraw to CoreGraphics in 2.8. Whatever the reason for the transition in last minute, this caused a lot of bugs many still haven’t been fixed especially when compiled against 10.3.9 SDK. The 2.8.4 release got certainly better than the previous, but still not ready for releasing hugin with it.

I’ve filed some new bug reports mainly renewing the old ones:

The experimental build is available

I have already made some minor improvements to 0.6.1 code. I’m just waiting for wxMac to get better, then I can release the new build of hugin 0.6.1. Unfortunately no one took the Mac related tasks on wxWidgets project for Google Summer of Code. That means another long wait…


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