Doctor Who

Every Saturday, we’ve been watching beloved classic Biritish television series “Doctor Who” at James’ room (he got a lot of DVDs). It is very classic SF, but it is quite amazing to see its quality considering the age. Anyway I liked the program:)

Few days ago, it was on the news that the first episode of new series of Doctor Who has leaked on the internet. Well, I watched it (don’t ask me if I respect the copyright law or not; at least I recognise the need of it though), and found it very different. I won’t say it is bad; it’s just different. The thing is that Britain experienced a lot of change since the last series of the program. It is very interesting to see where globalisation and evolution in CG technology will lead the new series to. But, at the same time, people would probably feel quite nostalgic (there always exist good old days) and compare the new series with the old ones that have already become a symbol of the old age.

Anyway, in my opinion, Doctor Who is like the UK version of StarTrek, and yes, it is possible to have the same destination like the Enterprise which sadly discontinued. Anyway, I’ll see how it goes.
By the way, CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is a co-production partner. So, it will be on the TV in Canada as well… Is that only it? Doesn’t Doctor go outside the UK? mmm…


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