Very “cool” headband, ah?

Zach thinks Anime’s are really cool. I think some, or a few, of them are, but, either way, it is not really a cool thing to be addicted to something this way, is it?

<- Zach at
math lecture today.

<- They are often talking about this anime, so I suppose this is one of the character goods from that program. Indeed one of the characters wearing something similar to this.
It seems to me, the program is targeted to much younger children like Pokemon was (indeed their web site  uses hurigana for those kids who haven’t learnt enough Chinese characters). So, to me, the idea of wearing  this thing looks much like wearing Harry-Potter-Scar on forehead or so. Surely it makes me smile a little and gives me great pleasure of teasing him, but, at the same time, it staggers me a lot and reminds me that I didn’t assure him very well how childish may some of the animes he watches be.

Edited at 9pm after discussing with A.W.


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