A Loved Teacher

Right now, I’m taking two honours maths modules. One of them, geometry, got lectures really hard to understand. He, one day, proceeded an entire lecture assuming that we know something non of us actually knew. The notes from his lectures often get mistakes or skipped paragraph that has added afterward. So, I think it is not only because he got bad stutter that not many of us do not like his lecture. The other lecture, abstract math, is, well, let’s say, too mathematical; just imagine someone introducing difficult mathematical concepts seriously without no jokes for an hour. It’s hard for us to like him.

Last semester, we had a really lovely lecturer. He jokes and, yes, smiles during the lecture. We all liked him. So, last week, under Zach’s leadership, many, say about 20 of us stuck his picture from homepage on the assignment paper and handed in. I think Zach is being very famous in Math department right now. Hee hee hee… Actually, I was the one who agreed with one of his random ideas and printed off 50 pictures.

<- The photo from his homepage with some message on it. This is what we put on our assignment.


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