Many things happening.

Title: Many things happening.

Body: So far, this weekend is being the most exciting one since I came here.

1. met a lot of friends

  > we ate cup noodle at 10pm, and watched a movie on Zach’s computer

2. some of them agreed to my idea of making a new society (a MUG, you know if you are a heavy mac user)

  > we can start working on it!

3. one of them is linux geek lives just 10 rooms away on the same floor and likes mac.

  > we found a way to launch X11 applications on Informatics computers through ssh. (Ha!)

512x384 ssh session with X11 screenshot

4. Apparently I’m becoming the Japanese Society’s web-master…  (Am I the only one who can handle Japanese char-set and html?)

5. And more…


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