Things to buy…

Well, I thought I need basic computer peripherals like printer, scanner, keyboard, and mouse.

So, I purchased cheeper and used stuff at

Printer: HP Deskjet 5652 (£70, “Like New”)

Not old, very fast, no driver installation needed on Mac

Scanner: Epson Perfection 1250 (£30, “Used”)

2,3 years old, I chose this one because it was cheap, and is in the list of a few scanners works with Panther- MacOSX 10.3 -‘s default driver; no driver installation needed as well!

Mouse: Kensington Studio Mouse Graphite (£21.89, “New from Amazon” with free delivery)

A three-button scroll mouse with mac-friendly design. (No driver, of course)

First two are used things purchasing someone else through Amazon, so I don’t know how it will turn out. At least there would be a refund from amazon if it didn’t come at all.

Anyway, the problem is the keyboard. It is almost impossible to get a not-full keyboard for Mac here. (Well, of course Mac keyboard itself is rare world-wide anyway) I don’t like full keyboards because they are too wide that the mouse becomes far away from my home-position. I have to ask my father for this; there is a lot of good keyboards in Japan, (one like Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2).


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