Exploring Edinburgh

I visited, well, many places today, walking looong distance.

First, I’ve decided to go to the Forth Rail Bridge, just 10 min. by train. but I wanted to walk the Holyrood Park as well.

So, basically I did walked cross the Holyrood Park to the Palace of Holyrood House, and then to Waverley Station where the train to the bridge departures.

Forth Rail Bridge is a world-well-known massive railway bridge built about hundred years ago. See: http://www.forthbridges.org.uk/

Anyway, I just got off the train at the station just passed the bridge and walked down to see it from the water level. It was huge.

Forth Rail Bridge (267x200)

When planned the trip last night, the stupid idea emerged. The Forth Road Bridge, a huge suspension bridge runs right next to the old railway bridge, has footpath. I thought it must be the best way to see the rail bridge. But imagine walking down the 2.5km bridge crossing over the water… Extremely windy, was what I found it first. But the worse is that if you stop, you can feel the bridge actually shaking with heavy tracks. Anyway, the longest straight walk I’ve ever had, was good experience.

from the middle point of the bridge; long walk... (160x120)

The bridge was rather elegant than massive from this view. I’ve never seen photo from this angle. Not many people would try to walk this bridge I suppose…

Panorama photo of Forth Rail Bridge (486x120)


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