I have one outside subject (further course) to decide this year. I found out if I chose Mathmatics for Informatics, I would satisfy the requirements for BSc in Computational Linguistics. In fact, whether to take math or not is the only difference between MA in Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence, which is actually a four-year Bachelor course named “Master,” and BSc in Computational Linguistics. So, basically if I’m taking the math course, it is better to get BSc degree to show I’m doing science and avoid unnecessary confusion, but it is still free to choose any courses.

If I’m getting MA, It would be good idea to study a language for one year. I have a big advantage in Chinese over European people and big interest in speaking Arabic and other languages. Another way would be deciding what to do after taking the math course for a year.

Anyway, the thing is I have two different, but very related, interests at this moment: exploring natural language facility in human brain, and integrating natural language facility on computer. Taking math is secure, but it does not help widening my world especially considering Linguistic view.

The choice is difficult, but due to this Thursday. Mmm… for degree and course description and requirments


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