Worst Night I’ve ever had…

The last night was the worst night I’ve ever had. I went to “pub crawl”, which is just going to local pubs, including ones ran by Student Association, and chat. I escaped it at eleven thirty and went bed at around 12. In a few minutes, someone on the same floor started music very loud. It continued for a while, so I just got out from the bed and went his room to stop the noise. The guy and his friend two rooms away was playing music with his computer. I didn’t get mad because his computer was Mac (I’m a Mac nerd), and politely asked him to lower the volume and stop keeping the door open by garbage can. I went back to my room only to find my self having locked by auto-lock door. I was too sleepy to grab the door card when I got out. So, I went back to the room where the music was now stopped, and borrowed phone to ask security guy to come and open it. the time was one when I went back to the room.

Peace is something that never lasts for long. It sounded like an alarm. I watched the watch, but was still three. The alarm woke me up was from outside the door, and continued for a while. Eventually it was fire alarm, and, as it does not stop, all the residence had to evacuate. So hundred of people waited freezing outside for security people and fire officers to guarantee no fire was on. When I finally got a peace, it was already four, and, yes, I did wake up at seven as I decided earlier. I hope tonight will be peaceful.


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