I visited London today.

Madame Tussaud’s (Baker Street. Not as impressive as I expected. They should build it in the Disney Land, or make it rather like a museum than a huge photo studio. Tired with long queue. Too expensive. Probably not bad as an amusement park.)

Tube: Baker Street – London Bridge (Jublee Line: newest thus deepest. better than old ones, but older small tube shape)

Tower Bridge (Good view, good exhibitions worth £4.50. Impressive hydraulic machinery of 18th century in Engine Room.)

London Tower (Another remaining Norman fort used for many purposes for centuries. I wonder what kind of age next one will be. Whoever visit those places probably will see the facilities and equipment added in our times as the remainings of commoner’s sightseeing age. No one cares such a thing now, and no one did; just watching the historical sites with great interests. But that will be a part of the history as well, and that is what it has been like the Victorian souvenir goods displayed in the grass case.)

Docklands Light Railway (The best middle size transportation system I have ever seen, except the auto-driving software. I think it is using something like a simple rule-based system. I doubt if the software uses any advanced techniques like fuzzy-control or some kind.)

Greenwich (Lovely place. I should have got there earlier.)

BR: Greenwich – Cannon Street (All trains including this one was within the “Zone1, 2 One-day Travel Card” £4)

Tube: Cannon Street – Victoria (District Line: Old train with wooden floor!)

Photo album will be up!


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