Northern Cotswolds

I visited north Cotswold today.

From Cheltenham to Toddington, Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway is running steam locos. The railway is well maintained one, but the connection with National Railway is not very good. I used local bus from Cheltenham Spa Station, but not many buses run on Sunday. The bus from Toddington to Broadway does not even run on Sunday. As the GWR runs only on weekends, I have no choice other than travelling on Saturday.

Broadway has not much to see except Broadway Tower located on the top of a hill 20-30mins walk from Broadway. The public footpath runs between, which is a part of Cotswold Way, goes through grasses with sheep some of which are grazing continuously and some are baaing to the walkers who interrupted their naps. The view from the tower is indeed beautiful, but it is  Cotswold anyway; you can see nothing else than hills covered with green and some countryside villages,

It was a delightful Saturday trip of peaceful countryside. (Don’t close info centre on Saturday please!)


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