Euro 2004!

I’ve just come back from the Students’ Union’s event.

The place was crowded with drunk and excited English football funs (not all, just exaggerating) who came to scream on the game against France on the huge screen.

I choose to go upstairs where middle size screen with some of more or less excited French football funs in order to avoid too much crowed.

Well, the game was good. It went almost as I expected until the last minute. English goal from set play at after 35 min. was so typical and predictable that I have felt it before Beckham kicked the ball.

As I thought this game going to be a draw with one score each, score by Zidane’s free-kick just before the end of the game seemed quite reasonable. However, England seemed to have lost their concentration after this. They gave another score for France from own mistake. It could be said the penalty saved by French keeper earlier in the 2nd half was very regrettable, but I would say losing last score was too stupid mistake to regret.


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