Severn Valley Railway

I visited Severn Valley Railway, one of the finest heritage railway in England running near Birmingham.

Though it is still surprising to see there is a “Valley” in England, this valley looks like just a river between bit higher hills than other places. Anyway looks like a valley considering “Thames Valley” at least.

Bridgnorth, the town where the railway took me, is a quite interesting one. There are city centre with castle and church on the cliff, and riverside houses under the cliff. From the station, which is on another hill, a footbridge is leading to the cliff where the church is. The other side of the church, there is a “Cliff Railway” built in 1892 running between “High Town” and “Low Town.” There are various “Steps” connecting those towns, but the cliff is almost 40m high…

The other thing I noticed is that the colour of the soil in that region looks like that of bricks (red ones, you know) Probably this is where those bricks are coming from.


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