Sunday in Caerdydd

I went to ‘Caerdydd’ in ‘Cymru’ yesterday.

Cymru is the nation located just west of England, and Caerdydd is its capital city.

Although most of its population speak English, there are still 20% of people who can speak Cymreig, one of Celtic languages.

Anyway, when I planned the trip, I was aware of the huge football stadium that has capacity of seating people as many as 70,000, a quarter of the city population. Although it seemed fine because the premier league is off-season, it wasn’t.

The train from London that I changed at Didcot Parkway was already filled with football fans. By Bristol where another huge group of fans joined, the train was literally packed with excited football fans. (Please don’t drink before the match!) OK, ok, it’s gonna be fine.

But the city was already in cerebration mode. Buses with full of fans were arriving all the time while I visited the castle, and the city hall and museum. The stadium’s sign read Play-off Finals; it was the final game of the 2nd division play-off. By the time I tried to go to the bus centre, the police has already closed all the road, and it took me half an hour to find the alternative bus stop.

Visiting Museum of Welsh Life, was my actual destination of the trip. The museum is one of the finest open-air museum in the UK. They moved over thirty old buildings from all over the nation into 100 acre of land in the countryside just 20 minutes from Caerdydd by bus. It took over 3 hours for me to see all the buildings.

It was a wonderful trip; really really wonderful except I had to wait almost 3 hours at the station…

The photos will be on the web soon.


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