Hahaha, weekary…

Now, I noticed it is almost a week since I posted something here.

Any-ways, I will refresh my homepage soon.

You can see the progress here. [been wrong one, but now it’s fixed]

Well, I have another concert on Monday, and am going back to Japan on Tuesday.

I should start to pack clothes.

By the way, as I am railway lover, I am wondering about going to Heathrow by train.

Well, it costs just about £21~25, and takes 10mins to the station by bus, an hour to London, and then 15mins to Heathrow.

If not compared to the bus, which leaves just next bus stop to the one I usually use and goes straight costing only £14, it is not much bad. Well, I will think about it, but it totally depends on how I feel that morning. If it was one of too tired or lazy morning to carry big suite case throw the new adventure, I will probably take bus.

Any thing else…

Yeah, I am trying to change my course here. As I have already accepted to the university, I do not need to pass the Diploma taking more modules than other people staying here from September. So, I am changing to the one for people not doing any degree but just taking some of modules.

Well, I hope it works.

Oh, the other thing I found. PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING IF YOU ARE READING THIS or I should assume no one is viewing this page….


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